Trading City Life for the Farm

A couple gets help selling their city home so they can move to the country.

Attic After

By finishing the trim around the skylights, painting the walls and adding a smart light fixture, this room's appeal shot straight up. Bedrooms sell houses, so converting this attic will add extra value to the home. In the master bedroom (not shown), new pleated drapes and bedding are added. A fresh coat of olive-green paint gives the room an air of sophistication and romance. The homeowner's antique furniture gets refinished. Nice-looking furniture helps show off nice-looking houses.

Cost breakdown:

dining set and lighting $420
bookcase upgrade $160
carpet and supplies $98
attic materials $200
bedding and drapes $536
paint and supplies $180
accessories $398

Total: $1,992

Breakfast nook products:

red toss pillows, 450-70437056, Burlington Coat Factory
bronze flower five-light chandelier, 153528 and chandelier lampshades, 235436, Lowe's
drapery panels, Radiance, 732/1030, JCPenney Outlet
curtain rods, 04243729022, Wal-Mart
Champagne Red remnant, City Carpet

Attic products:

vase, 759236; toss pillows, 160010, 149359 and 723810; drapes, 725737, T.J. Maxx
track bar lighting, Sparta, 119255, Lowe's
paint, Desert Tan, eggshell, 2153-50, Pineapple Paint Co. (Benjamin Moore Paints)

Master bedroom products:

Tree of Life wall hanging, 706-70079265, Burlington Coat Factory

comforter set, 004180841607; toss pillows, 088530800802; curtain rods, 004429410089, Wal-Mart
wall paint, Providence Olive, HC-98; closet door paint, Abington Putty, HC-99, Pineapple Paint Co. (Benjamin Moore Paints)

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