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Pool House Renovation

Create a tiki-inspired space for entertaining with bamboo and a little paint. Try more half-day projects with host Steve Watson from Don't Sweat It!

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palm thatch
2 sheets of 3/4" birch plywood
220-grit sandpaper


miter box or circular saw
cordless drill
table saw
finish nails
pressure washer
paint sprayer
safety goggles


1 Wear safety goggles when using a pressure washer on painted materials to protect eyes from flying debris.


1. Empty the shed and remove any shutters, doors, trim, etc., not needed in the new design.

2. Pressure wash the exterior (figure A).

3. After the shed has dried, paint as desired. A paint sprayer is good tool for large areas; keep it about 10 inches away from the wall for even application.

4. Measure and cut bamboo trim to size. Note: Bamboo can be cut like any other material, but use caution. The irregular shape of bamboo can make it difficult to control. Cut slowly to avoid chipping out and splintering the ends. To cut the bamboo in half, run it down the table saw on both sides. Then, knock through the middle section with a hammer and a screwdriver (figure B) so the bamboo doesn't split. Sand the edges of bamboo because they can be very sharp.

5. Pre-drill holes into the bamboo (figure C) since it splits easily.

Nail or screw the trim into place (figure D).

6. To build the serving shelf in the open area of the cabana, measure the distance between the walls and cut the plywood to fit. In this case, the shelf was 16 inches deep. Determine the desired height of the shelf and cut two end panels to size. Nail the end panels and top together (figure E). Add the bottom and a center shelf, if desired.

7. After the box is complete, nail 1x3 lumber to the face to cover the edges of the plywood and give the shelves some strength. If desired, mount the decorative bamboo to the facing. Install the shelf in the desired place (figure F).

8. Cut the palm thatch to size and nail it to the roof.

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