Small, But Bold Spaces

Creative homeowners step bravely into small, but bold spaces.

  • Special attention to lighting and a few key pieces of art make the space presentable and elegant.
  • Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall curtains distinguish the far wall as part of the bedroom space and also disguise the fact that the windows are not centered in the room.
  • In a small space shared by two, it's important that things have a place to go back to when playtime is done.
  • A set of three sliding doors on the wall in the living area hides all the functions of day-to-day life: entertainment center, linen closet, toy box, miscellaneous storage and coat closet.
  • While very difficult to install, the rock walls add heft to the small space.
  • This exceptionally designed apartment is just enough for this couple, their home office and two dogs.
  • Everything is organized to just fit, even their full-size oven.
  • The result gives texture, depth and charisma to the brick wall.
  • While providing privacy, the screens also keep the space light and airy.
  • Kim is living a philosophy: It takes creativity, not cash, to make a home.


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