Small, But Bold Spaces

Creative homeowners step bravely into small, but bold spaces.

Subtle Passion

Not having enough room is no excuse for not giving a space some kick. See Columbian influence in a Columbian Heights townhouse; a young family creates a home that takes advantage of their surrounding landscape; South Beach inspiration meets New York square footage; and a Philadelphia designer fills her space with personal style.

New Heights
As a kid in Bogota, Jaime Palmera used to sit under his dad's drafting table and draw architectural designs of his own. Well Columbia Heights is a far cry from Columbia — but that's where Palmera finally got to put his ideas into action. He completely gutted and renovated his 1940s townhouse to make a living and work space with a bar/gallery feel that looks "bold, not small."

Palmera designed his kitchen to fade into the background. An island made of stainless steel with a marble top separates the kitchen from the living area. The island has a dishwasher, stovetop (with covers to hide it when not in use) and shelving on the kitchen side. In the adjacent living room, the low furniture expands the view through the space.


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