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Installing a Ceiling Fan

Replace an outdated light with a new a ceiling fan.

Materials and Tools:

cordless ceiling fan kit
fan bracket
remote for ceiling fan
Lineman's pliers
cordless drill

Tip: Using a wireless remote saves a lot of work. You can control the fan and light without running any wires into the walls for switches.


1. Turn off the power to the room and remove the old light fixture.

2. Check to see if the ceiling box is able to support a fan. If not, install a mounting bracket between joists.

3. Hang the canopy bracket from the ceiling box, using the screws provided. Attach the post and ball assembly to the fan motor using the cotter-pin. The ball can then support the weight of the can while you make the electrical connections. Be sure to put the canopy cover over the post before attaching it to the fan.

4. Hang the fan by sliding the ball into the canopy bracket. Make the electrical connections to the remote receiver. The black and white wires from the house go into one side of the receiver, and the other side gets connected to the neutral, fan and light wires as marked. Slide the receiver into the slot in the canopy bracket and slide canopy up to hide receiver.

5. Assemble the blades, according to the manufacturer's instructions. After the blades are attached to the blade bracket, screw the blade assembly to fan motor. Make sure all connections are tight.

6. Install the light kit on bottom of fan. Snap wiring harness together, and attach light to fan by aligning the keyhole slots in the light with the screws on the fan. Tighten the screws.

7. Install the light bulbs and attach the glass globe.

8. Turn on power and test.

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