Good Things Come in Small Places

Having a small living space is no reason to skimp on style. Creative homeowners show that good things often come in small spaces.

  • These architects designed everything in their 700-square-foot apartment with function in mind.
  • Light colors are used in the dining room to help separate the space from the living room.
  • The couple built a functional desk around their unattractive radiator.
  • Placed at eye level when seated, the window in this eating area provides a great view of the outdoors.
  • Bookcases on casters are easy to move and can be used to wall off areas.
  • A bright color scheme makes this guest apartment is an inviting and happy space.
  • A rolling cart is used instead of an under-sink cabinet.
  • This stylish dining table folds up so it can be easily stored out of the way.
  • The table opens up and can accommodate up to eight guests.
  • European appliances are compact and contemporary.


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