Beach-Inspired Living Room

A Taurus and Leo compromise to create a sunny, beach getaway.

Sloppy Furnishings

Taurus Mariah just moved in with her cousin Jerrah, a Leo, in Manhattan, but doesn't feel at home yet. Jerrah has filled the space with pictures of herself, mirrors for looking at herself and a decor that reflects only her personality. The What's Your Sign? Design team sets out to tone Jerrah down a little and let Mariah have a little time in the spotlight. They transform the living room into a sun-lover's beach getaway with a sunset orange couch, an ocean blue rug and sunny yellow walls.

Taurus Mariah has just moved in with her cousin Jerrah, a Leo who takes pride in the work she's already done in her apartment. Jerrah wants the room to have a sense of light and color, as well as incorporate mirrors. On the other hand, Mariah needs a little reflection of herself in the room, but she at least wants to get rid of the stained couches.

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