Tiny Treasured Spaces

Inspired design turns small homes into tiny treasured spaces.

  • Even simple things can make an entryway more functional.
  • Stackable cushions are easy to move around or remove, and they can be spread around to create low seating anywhere in the apartment.
  • When you have a large piece of furniture in a small room, the most important thing is to keep it from looking cramped.
  • The furniture really functions quite well for daily living and for entertaining guests.
  • The bonus in having a small kitchen: splurging on marble floors and exquisite tiles.
  • Mirrors increase light and space and are an easy, inexpensive way to add interest.
  • These sheer curtains give more options in creating exposed or private spaces.
  • The bedroom loft is also open over the living space, which matches the open theme of the cabin.
  • This firewood container is a great example of functional design.
  • Along with the bed's headboard, these end tables act as guardrails to keep everyone tucked in.


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