Wanted: Workspace For Two

A messy office gets transformed into a creative music room and workspace for two.

Before: No Syncopation

Homeowners Johanna and Chris Miller have one room of their home that is dedicated to their work, and they both must share it. Johanna is a singer/songwriter, so her part of the office is taken up by a large baby grand piano that is covered with piles of sheet music, CDs and scripts. Chris is a teacher and has a little corner of the room for his desk and computer. The problem is that his desk is so small, it barely has room for the computer's mouse.

Squeezed into the mess of nondescript papers, books and recording equipment is a vast collection of tapes filled with music from the 1980s. Professional organizer Betty Kim is on hand to create a multifunctional room that will have the Millers singing.

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