Modern Industrial Living Room

Watch how glass and concrete accents turn a new house into a home -- with modern industrial flair.

  • Ho's condo has a just-moved-in feel and needs a designer's touch. She has a bold red sofa, chair and ottoman and an industrial modern TV and stand, but the dining table and chairs and ceiling fan above them don't fit the style.
  • The room's architectural details are accentuated by two tones of industrial gray paint. The conversation area by the fireplace is improved by rotating the red sofa and chair toward the fireplace, and the TV is moved next to it.
  • The smoky glass top is salvaged from Alisa's existing dining set, but a new modern-shaped base is built out of birch stained dark.
  • Actually, this is better than concrete because it weighs only one-fourth as much.
  • Anderson builds an unusual rectangular light fixture with milky Plexiglas for the top, clear Plexiglas for the sides and ball chains hung through drilled holes in the top.
  • Cunningham brings texture, color and lighting to the long living room wall with fabric panels that provide a backdrop for the bright red chair.
  • A fresh coat of paint modernizes the oak cabinets, and a new rack to hang wine glasses better defines this area as a wet bar. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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