Wanted: Parking for Two

See how a pro organizer creates enough room in a garage for two to park.

Before: Cluttered Garage

Homeowners Rose and Roland Tagle live in South Florida, where homes normally don't have basements. Thus, their garage has become a catchall for everything. The place is piled high with tools, bikes, paint supplies and excess furniture. They have lived in the house for six years and have yet to be able to park two cars in there. They weren't able to decorate for the holidays last year because they couldn't get to their decorations, which are stuffed in a small alcove that is covered by large mattresses and miscellaneous items. The Tagles would love to have an organized garage where they don't have to battle to get to what they need.

Whenever the Tagle kids want to get out their bikes they have to ask their parents to move all the stuff that's in the way. It's a hazard because the bikes always managed to get covered with boxes, cleaning supplies and other clutter. By the time mom and dad get the bikes out,the kids aren't interested in riding them anymore. Professional organizer Betty Kim knows how to maximize minimal space and has a plan of action for this cluttered garage.

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