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Funky and Functional Family Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Todd Pinzuti add form and function to a family's oddly-shaped family room.

The Mayer-Weesner family needs help. Parents Kari and Jim lead very busy lives with two young kids. They have a great home, but the room they use the most is the least functional. The elephant in the room is the giant built-in fish tank. The homeowners have tried to cover it with a large map, but the disguise just doesn't cut it. Further complicating matters is that the room's layout is limited. It has an odd, rectangular shape because it used to be the breezeway to the garage. A mudroom and a half bath lead into this space, which makes it an easy catchall for extra furniture and clutter.

After: Funky Functional

The old built-in fish tank is torn out, and recessed shelves are put in its place. Jeff uses particle board to re-line the alcove and then paints the back wall the same shade of green that was used on the other shelves. New brushed-nickel sconces replace the old ones, and tortoise-shell shades bring another fun animal print to the room.

Makeover Information

Recessed shelves – $26, sconces and shades – $68
sconces: The Home Depot, 72591680375, Nickel
glass shades: The Home Depot, 03721813566, Tortoise

TV Cabinet

The homeowner's boring TV stand is transformed into a stylish piece of furniture. A three-sided surround is fastened to the top to make it look like an armoire. A crisp coat of white paint completes the job.

Makeover Information

TV cabinet– Tortoise $29
Paint: Behr's Ultra Pure White

Kids' Table

The kids table gets revamped with a fresh coat of glossy white paint. Todd creates a crayon holder by inserting a stainless-steel kitchen bowl in the middle of the table. He traces the rim of the bowl on the table and then cuts out the hole using a router. New seating is created for the table when three inexpensive ottomans are covered with three different styles of fabrics.

Makeover Information

Play table – $7 and ottomans with slipcovers – $111
fabric: SR Harris
ottomans: Ikea, 18305
paint: Behr's Ultra Pure White
stainless-steel bowl: Hockenberg Restaurant Supply

Glass Art

Todd creates unique glass paintings to brighten up the creamy wall shade. He starts by painting the back side of the frame's glass with the leftover wall colors and craft paint. Once the paint dries, simple stencils are laid on top and then the paint is scratched off the glass with floral sticks.

Makeover Information

Framed art pieces – $39
frames: Ikea, Maffig, Wood, 10089233


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