Half the Space, Double the Style

Pioneers of small-scale dwellings find ways to double the style in half the space.

  • The white, reflective material brings light into the room and is contrasted by the dark brown background.
  • The use of a single white hue on all the walls creates a consistent flow throughout the apartment, allowing the eye to focus on the vibrant artwork.
  • The dimension of height can add the feel of spaciousness.
  • The arrangement allows the sisters to remain close while maintaining their own spaces.
  • The custom cabinetry around the fireplace gives a modern feel to a traditional element.
  • Choose furniture with visible legs to establish a more open, airy feel; skirts block space.
  • Lining the edge of the bed with pillows turns his bed into a comfy, oversized couch where he can watch movies with friends or relax alone and read.
  • If custom-built cabinetry isn't an option for you, stack pre-made units and secure them to the wall.
  • Three light fixtures hang from thin cables and seem to float in the middle of the space.
  • This cabinetry and closets make the bedroom almost soundproof.


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