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Trash to Treasure: Old Game Pieces

Sasha Andreev shows Joan Steffend how to make great home accessories out of game pieces.

Hot glue is used to embellish plain picture frames with dominos and Scrabble pieces. Drink coasters are fashioned by hot-gluing dominos onto balsa wood.

Checkers are glued onto balsa wood to make a gametime drink coaster. A little paint is used on the balsa wood to fill in the gaps.

Self-adhesive paper is cut into chess-piece shaped pieces to create stencils. The stencils are adhered to tumblers and then etching cream is applied to create the etched-glass images.

Fun, chess-themed swizzle sticks are made by attaching chess pieces to the top of pipette tubing.

A decorative sign or wall hanging can also be made by attaching Scrabble pieces onto a piece of old barn board using hot glue.


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