Magnificently Minute Spaces

Designing a small space can stretch the imagination. Meet two Los Angeles designers who revamped a tiny shack; check out a Brooklyn house built around a tree; tour a labor of love outside Boston; and visit a West Village Victorian.

  • These homeowners designed their kitchen to blend seamlessly with the rest of their living space.
  • This indoor/outdoor living room is a perfect spot for relaxing.
  • These shelves provide storage on the living room side and privacy on the bedroom side, hiding Laurent's clothing.
  • These homeowners have a "mezzanine" guest room over their kitchen.
  • A sliding panel on this shelving unit hides stored items and serves as a large notepad.
  • The "see-through" ceilings and floors in this couple's home mean that from nearly every point in the house you can see the noble maple.
  • Outdoor materials are used on the inside of this home for continuity.
  • What this kitchen lacks in size it makes up for in efficiency and storage space.
  • Mirrors help make this small bathroom feel like a larger space.
  • Modern functionality blends with historic character in this small apartment.
  • Glass doors and tiled surfaces help this bathroom appear larger.


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