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Handpainted Canvas Wallet

Regina Lord demonstrates her handpainting technique for her canvas wallet.

Materials and Tools:

wallet template
glaze medium
acrylic paints; gold, orange, yellow, gold metallic and white pearl
sewing machine
bone folder
industrial strength double-sided tape
button snap and button gun


1. Paint one coat of gesso on each side of a canvas piece and allow to dry.

2. Trace the pre-made wallet template onto the canvas.

3. Paint the desired design using acrylic paints and allow to dry.

4. Mix one part glaze medium and one part white pearl paint. Paint over the entire design. Allow to dry.

5. Trace the wallet pattern onto the painted canvas again if previous lines are hard to see. Cut out the wallet with scissors.

6. Fold the wallet in half with the painted side on the inside.

7. Align the side seams together and machine-stitch the side seams together. Turn the wallet right side out.

8. Crease the bottom fold with a bone folder and all appropriate side folds to create "accordion" sides on the wallet.

9. Fold the front (small) flap toward the inside of the wallet and tape it closed with double-sided tape. This will give a sturdier edge.

10. Fold the back (large) flap toward the inside of the wallet and crease the folded edge with a bone folder.

11. Add a button snap to the large flap and front of the handpainted canvas wallet with a button gun, following the manufacturer's directions.


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