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Glass Tile Mosaic Wall Hanging

Rebecca Britt shapes, cuts, grinds and layers glass pieces to form her beautiful glass tile mosaic wall hanging.

Rebecca Brit loves living in her Philadelphia neighborhood with her boyfriend and cats near an Italian market. She keeps her "green thumb" busy in the community garden, and has even become the block captain. Although she enjoys gardening her real passion is art. She enjoys ceramics and printmaking, and in the past few years has started working with glass, too.

Materials and Tools:

colored, transparent and opaque sheet glass
colored glass shards and frit
glass rods
glass torch
copper foil
tile backer-board in a picture frame with hanger on back
tile mastic
notched trowel
grout and mixing bowl for grout
diamond tip pistol-grip glasscutter
tile nippers, pliers, scissors
black permanent marker
watercolor paints, paintbrush, paint palette
clear acetate
safety glasses and didymium safety glasses
glass grinder

1. Sketch a mosaic design on paper. Paint the design with watercolors to reflect the colors of the glass. Let dry.

2. With a marker, divide the sketch into 10 sections, which will form the 10 tiles.

3. Place a piece of clear acetate over the design and mark the tile design on the acetate.

4. Place a piece of transparent glass over the acetate and draw the shapes onto the glass with a black permanent marker.

5. Wear safety glasses. Cut out the glass shapes by scoring the lines with the glass cutter and tapping the back of the score line with the other end of the glass cutting tool, or snipping it with the pliers.

6. Cut two pieces of clear glass for each shape.

7. Using scissors, cut shapes from copper foil sheets slightly smaller than each glass tile shape. The copper will be sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass.

8. Cut pieces of green glass in curved shapes for the stems. Cut pieces of dark blue glass for the flower petals and green glass for the leaves.

9. Smooth the edges of all glass pieces using a glass grinder.

10. Using a glass torch and wearing didymium safety glasses, heat a light green glass rod in the flame. Melt a darker green glass rod and twist the dark green glass around the light green rod forming a twisted glass cane. Let the glass cool.

11. Snip the cane pieces with tile nippers into short pieces.

12. Layer the pieces in the following order to create each tile: a piece of clear, a piece of copper, a piece of clear, a piece of cane for a stem on top of a piece of green glass and green leaves

13. Sprinkle frit and layer shards onto the tile for leaf accents.

14. Carefully place each tile into the kiln. Fix the layers if they slip.

15. Fire the tiles in a kiln. Let cool.

16. Lay out the design onto the original painting, if pieces don't fit like a puzzle, nip and grind the edges to make everything fit.

17. Apply tile mastic to the framed board using a notched trowel. Using the acetate template as a guide put each tile into the right place and press it into the mastic. Let the mastic dry overnight.

18. Mix the grout according to package directions. Wearing latex gloves spread the grout over the tiles into the frame. Let the grout dry for about 20 minutes.

19. Remove the excess grout with a damp sponge. Remove the residue of the grout from the glass tiles with a dry rag.

20. Mist the glass tile mosaic wall hanging with a spray bottle several times a day for three days.

21. Place the glass tile mosaic into the appropriate size frame. Hang the wall hanging by the hanger on the backer board.


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