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Dichroic Leaf Bud Wall Sconce

Sarah Nelson breaks small pieces of dichroic glass and puts them together into a leaf bud stencil to create her wall sconce.

18. Place the slumping mold in the kiln.

19. Cut another sheet of 13" x 10" kiln paper and place it on the mold.

20. Balance the fused glass piece on the mold.

21. Turn on the kiln and run a slumping cycle.

22. Remove the glass from the kiln.

23. Clean it again with the alcohol-and-water solution.

24. Slide the completed fused glass shade into the purchased wall sconce fixture.

25. Hang the dichroic leaf bud wall sconce according to fixture manufacturer directions.

When Sarah Nelson of Iowa City, Iowa, met her future husband, she knew he was going to make her dreams come true, but she didn’t realize that would include her artistic ones, as well. Although she had a deep appreciation for glass and considered it her favorite art form, she chose to pursue a career in the field of human development. But after her friends introduced Sarah to a glass artist, her new boyfriend showed her a few techniques with some glass and a torch, and suddenly Sarah had a new passion (or two) in her life.


Materials and Tools:

sheet of transparent green glass
sheet of clear glass
2 sheets of patterned dichroic glass
sheet of solid color dichroic glass
glass glue
cutting surface
leaf stencil
masking tape
running pliers
kiln and kiln paper
slumping mold
purchased wall sconce lighting fixture
spray bottle with water and alcohol
clean cloth


1. Score the clear glass with glasscutters and break with running pliers into a 12" x 9" size.

2. Score and break the green glass to the same size as the clear glass (12" x 9").

3. Clean the glass with the water-and-alcohol solution using a clean cloth.

4. Lay the green glass on top of the clear glass.

5. Place a stencil on the portion of the glass where you want to put the first leaf bud. Hold the stencil in place with masking tape so there will be no movement.

6. Fill the inside of the leaf stencil with glass glue.

7. Place the dichroic glass over the edge of the stencil and run the glasscutters along the line of the stencil.

8. Pop the score with running pliers.

9. Score and break small pieces of patterned and solid dichroic glass and piece them together into the leaf bud stencil.

10. Carefully remove the masking tape. Lift the stencil straight up so none of the pieces of dichroic glass are misplaced.

11. Clean the excess glue from around the leaf bud using the alcohol-and-water solution.

12. Choose the placement for the second leaf. For the same distance from the edge as the other leaf bud measure the area with a ruler.

13. Repeat steps 5-12 on the second leaf bud.

14. Cut kiln paper into a 12-1/2" x 9-1/2" size and place it on the kiln shelf.

15. Transfer the sconce layout onto the kiln paper.

16. Heat the glass in the kiln at 1480 degrees on fuse cycle.

17. Remove the glass from the kiln and clean it with the alcohol-and-water solution.

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