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Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Art Frame

Traci Nelson designs a faux stained glass mosaic art frame.

Materials and Tools:

wood picture frame with glass
half cut marbles
glass mosaic tiles
glass adhesive
bucket or small plastic container
rubber or latex gloves
clean cloth
marker, paper, pencil, scissors
picture hanging wire
2 screw eyes
glass cleaner and paper towels
masking tape or painter's tape

Step 3


1. Remove the backing and glass from a picture frame.

2. Clean the glass with glass cleaner.

3. Insert a piece of paper cut to the size of the frame backing into the back of the frame. Turn the frame to the front. Trace around the inside of the frame onto the paper with a marker. This will serve as a guideline to determine the placement of the design on the glass.

Step 5

4. Remove the paper from the back of the frame. Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner to find the center of the paper.

5. Place the paper on the work surface. Place the glass on top of the paper.

Steps 6-7

6. Lay out half cut marbles and tiles onto the glass in the desired design starting in the center. Keep the design within the borderlines so the glass will fit in the frame.

7. Starting in the center of the glass, apply glass adhesive to the back of each marble and tile and attach them to the glass. Let the mosaic dry overnight.

Step 8

8. Apply adhesive to the edges of glass and insert it with the mosaic facing up into the picture frame. Allow the piece to dry overnight.

Steps 9-11

9. Cover the picture frame with masking or painting tape to protect the wood from excess grout.

10. Mix the grout with water in small plastic container so the grout is a thick milkshake consistency.

11. Protect your hands from the grout with latex or rubber gloves and, using your hands, apply the grout over the mosaic being sure to cover every open space between the marbles and tiles.

Steps 12-13

12. Allow grout to set up for 10-15 minutes, then with a damp sponge, wipe the grout off the tiles, marbles and any grout that is on the picture frame. Allow the grout to set overnight.

13. Using a clean dry cloth, wipe and polish the tiles, marbles and wood.

Steps 14-15

14. At the top of the picture frame, insert two screw eyes; thread picture frame wire through them, twisting the ends of the wire to secure.


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