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"Devina" Sculptural Wood Vase

Micha von Doring shapes black walnut wood in his "Devina" sculptural vase.

Materials and Tools:

black walnut burl
brushed stainless steel tube cut to size
wood dowel
Danish oil finish
epoxy glue
table saw
table jointer and planer*
belt sander
hand sander
drill press
80-grit sandpaper
safety glasses
straight edge
carpenter's square
wood glue
foam brush
*The table jointer featured is reconfigured into a planer.

Step 2


1. Select a thick slice of black walnut. With chalk and a straight edge, draw a line down the center for the first cut. Mark two horizontal lines left and right of the center for the connector pieces.

2. Cut the piece down the centerline with a table saw about three quarters of the way through. Clamp the piece of wood to the worktable and finish the center cut using a jigsaw.

Step 3

3. Place the flat cut side in the jointer and run it through to straighten the edge.

Step 4

4. Reconfigure the jointer machine into the planer mode and run the wood through to even out the front and back.

Steps 5-6

5. Using a table saw cut the two horizontal lines to separate the pieces for the connectors. Two pieces will have a straight edge on one side and the bottom and the remaining part will have the shape of the tree. The other two will be rectangles with straight sides.

6. Place one of the rectangular pieces on end. Place one of the tree shaped pieces on end and mark the location of the connector pieces.

Step 8

7. Notch the pieces at the marks with the table saw.

8. Check to be sure the connector pieces fit into the notches.

Step 10

9. With the connector pieces temporarily in place, mark the location of the holes for the stainless steel tube vase.

10. Remove the connectors and drill the holes for the vase using a drill press.

Steps 11-12

11. Sand all the pieces of wood using a hand sander.

12. Sculpt the large rectangular piece of wood on a belt sander to add texture. Clean up the piece using a hand sander.

Step 13

13. Glue the connectors to the main vertical wood pieces in the notches using wood glue. Clean up any excess glue with a wet rag. Clamp the assembly together. Let dry.

Step 14

14. Cut a small piece off the end of a wood dowel and hammer it into one end of the steel tube. Recess it into the tube by hammering the end of a screwdriver against the wood until it is below the end of the tube.

Step 16

15. Mix epoxy glue according to manufacturer's instructions. Dispense the glue into the end of the vase over the wood plug just inserted. This will insure that water will not leak through the end of the vase. Let dry. Turn the stainless steel tube over and apply epoxy to the inside of the tube. Let dry.

Step 17

16. Apply Danish oil finish to the "Devina" sculptural wood vase with a foam brush. Let dry.

17. Insert the vase in the drilled holes. Place flowers in the wood vase and add water.

Growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, Micha von Doring, now of Laguna Beach, Calif., developed a love and respect for nature at an early age. His fond memories of climbing trees were clearly where his woodworking roots began. But add to that a strong lineage of craftsmen and a degree in furniture design and you end up with an exceptional line of modern timber chairs, armoires and tables from this engaging wood sculptor. These days, whenever Micha wants a break from his larger, high-end pieces, he's taken to sculpting unique and organic wood vases.


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