First At-Home Christmas

Joan Steffend and crew join forces to give a deserving a family a holiday house makeover for their first Christmas in a new home.

  • Richard has a Victorian carnival Christmas planned for the living room, while Todd wants to turn the dining room into a North Woods retreat infused with holiday glamour.
  • The Schnacky family now has a magical setting in which to celebrate their first at-home Christmas together.
  • The Victorian children’s carnival holiday makeover starts by building a giant jack-in-the-box to hold the Christmas tree.
  • Ribbons and bows are a great alternative to tinsel.
  • Richard continues the carnival theme with handmade carousel-animal ornaments.
  • This wreath is a great, creative way to display additonal family photos.
  • This kiddie table is the perfect retreat for a little tea party.
  • A special display is made to fit over the pool table.
  • One hundred tags were stamped with meaningful holiday words for a little homespun inspiration to give this room extra flair.
  • Todd creates an earthy and elegant tablescape that still has the feel of Christmas.
  • A dramatic memory wall is created for the family.


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