Christmas Before Deployment

Our experts give a family a holiday makeover before Dad gets deployed overseas.

  • Designers Shayne Barsness and Kelli Kaufer sign are planning a holiday makeover for the living and dining rooms that will embrace both tradition and elegance.
  • The Hunts' new living room is elegantly dressed and ready for celebrating.
  • Slipcovers are always a great way to easily transform the look of furniture.
  • Hanging wreaths from the lower portion of the shutters gives a holiday feel while displaying family photos.
  • Valances are a great way of framing windows.
  • A tray with the family's crest makes a perfect topper for the side table.
  • Covering these chairs in white fabric maintains the flow of the decor.
  • The homeowners' dining table is given a makeover of its own to match the room.
  • These transformed consoles provide additional room for storage.
  • Kelli and Joan create an innovative and easy holiday card display rack
  • The stemware and centerpiece pull the whole look of the dining table together.


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