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Crazy Curved Iron Bookcase

Patrick Neuwirth welds steel shelves to create his crazy curved iron bookcase.

Patrick Neuwirth has been welding since he was in high school. He finally realized his dream: creating artistic metal pieces full time.

Materials and Tools:

10' x 8" x 1/8" steel sheet
eight 1-3/8" solid steel balls
eight 1" solid steel balls
1/2" round solid bar stock
rust preventative clear epoxy enamel paint
plasma cutter
MIG welder
spray-painting machine
welding safety equipment (mask, gloves)
vice with a bending jig
cup brush
soft sanding pad
safety glasses
chop saw with metal cutting blade

Step 1


1. Using a 10' x 8" x 1/8" piece of steel sheet, cut four shelves for the bookcase each measuring 2 feet long with a plasma cutter. Wear safety equipment.

Step 2

2. Insert one of the shelves into the jig attached to the vice and bend the shelf into a curve. Repeat with the other three shelves.

Step 3

3. Arrange the four bent shelves on the table.

Steps 4-5

4. Cut six pieces of 1/2-inch steel rod for the back scrollwork on the bookcase with a metal-cutting chop saw.

5. Insert one end of a rod into the vice and start bending the scrollwork. Continue feeding the rod into the vice and bending until the entire rod is bent into the scroll. Repeat with all six rods.

Step 6

6. Position the scrollwork into place on the back of the shelves.

Step 7

7. Tack-weld each section into place using a MIG welder. Wear appropriate welding safety equipment.

Steps 8-11

8. Turn the piece over and complete the tack weld on the sections from the back.

9. Cut four steel rods for the sides using the metal saw. Bend them into S curves with a scroll on the end using the vice.

10. Position the side rods in place and weld them to the shelves. The bottom portion of the side rods will become the legs.

11. Cut two rods for the braces between the front legs and back legs. Bend them into scrolls.

Step 12

12. Stand the bookcase upright with the front facing you and tack weld one of the bracing pieces between the front legs. Repeat with the back brace between the back legs.

Step 13

13. Weld a 1-3/8-inch steel ball to the bottom end of each leg.

Steps 14-15

14. Weld steel balls of varying sizes to the ends of the scrolls throughout the bookcase.

15. Complete the final welding of the piece.

Steps 16-17

16. Brush the entire piece with a cup brush attached to a grinder.

17. Grind the entire iron bookcase with a soft sanding pad.

Step 18

18. Paint the crazy curved iron bookcase with clear epoxy enamel using a spray-painting machine.

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