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Spring Pin-Up Picture Holder

Sarah Shaw Guinn creates a spring pin-up to display family photos.

Materials and Tools:

old fence pickets
scrap piece of wood
wood clothespins
eye hooks
green latex paint
light green spray paint
orange spray paint
wood glue
water and container to mix paint and water
foam brush
wooden letter accents, ribbon, bead trim
sandpaper, measuring tape, paper plate


1. Measure and cut a fence picket to the desired length.

2. Paint the fence piece using a wash ratio of 3/4 green paint to 1/4 water. Let dry. Sand the edges for an antique finish.

3. Clip the wooden clothespins to a scrap piece of wood and spray paint them orange.

4. Paint the wooden alphabet letters spelling "F A M I L Y" with light green spray paint. Allow to dry.

5. Glue beaded trim to three edges of the fence board with wood glue. Let dry.

6. Use a measuring tape to evenly space the letters across the board. Place clothespins in between the letters, evenly spaced, lining the pinching end up with the top edge of the board.

7. Glue all the pieces to the board with wood glue. Let dry.

8. Pre drill holes for eye hooks in the two corners on the top of the board.

9. Screw eyehooks into the drilled holes.

10. Cut a piece of ribbon to the appropriate length for hanging the picture holder. Tie the ribbon to each eyehook.

11. Clip photos onto the clothespins.

12. Hang the spring pin-up picture holder on the wall.

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