Creative Kitchen Cleanup

A kitchen goes from overflowing to organized.

Before: An Overabundance of Everything

Homeowner Elaina Bhattacharyya has lived in her home for six years. After all that time she still hasn’t finished unpacking! She wants to unpack, but she has no place to put her stuff. This is especially true in the kitchen. Her pantry and cupboards are overflowing with dishes and glassware while her garage is piled high with boxes full of kitchenware. Elaina likes to entertain and would love to have a kitchen that she could show off. She wants a place where her guests feel welcome to stay and hang out awhile.

Professional organizer Liz Witts digs into the clutter and comes out with a great plan for getting unpacked.

Her unorganized boxes are overflowing with pots, pans and plastic containers, there’ just no place to store them. Witts has a game plan. The first step is to unpack the boxes and group all like items together &$151 cookware, plastic ware and glassware. The homeowner then sifts through all the items and realizes she doesn’t need most of it. Out it goes to the donation box. Now maybe she’ll have some room to unpack.

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