Organic Dining Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Richard Anderson give a boring dining room an organic look for less than $500.

  • With the help of host Joan Steffend, carpenter Jeff Meyer and less than $500, designer Richard Anderson signs on to give a boring dining room an all-new organic look.
  • The paint color stays, so Anderson gives the walls a stencil treatment.
  • The farmhouse windows are given a contemporary look with some new window treatments.
  • Untreated cedar fence posts are used to create a base for the dining room table.
  • The budget can't accommodate an electrician, so a non-electrical chandelier is made to hang over the dining table.
  • Anderson makes an organic centerpiece by laying plastic foam in a box and then hot-gluing moss all around.
  • The organic theme is continued with handmade shadow boxes. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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