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Extras! Extras! Knit Flop-Flops

There's one more accessory you need to make your beach ensemble complete -- knit-embellished flip-flop sandals.

Does the prospect of tackling a pair of sandals sounds too complicated? Hey, think about it: you've already knit a bikini and a sarong—how difficult can a pair of sandals be?

Adult-Size Flip-Flops

Materials and Tools:

1 pair flip-flops
1 ball Berroco Crystal FX
1 pair US needle size 10.5
1 sewing needle
optional: button or "toe trim"


Cast on 30 stitches. Knit every row for 10 rows. Cast off, leaving a 12" end of yarn to be used for sewing. Make 3 more strips the same way for a total of 4 strips.


Put the strip under the flip-flop thong. Using the yarn end, sew or slipstitch the cast-on and cast-off edges together around the shoe strap.

Tack the end around center toe piece. Pick up and attach a second piece to the other side in the same way, tacking the toe end piece to the first piece (or around the center toe piece). Run in the ends and attach buttons, etc., if desired.

Figure B

Optional: Crochet a single strand, pin into a flower shape and top with a decorative crystal; or add a vintage pin or button. Or knit a pair of beaded sandals (figure B) to match your beaded sarong!

Knit Bit: So someone just gave you some unmarked balls of yarn, and you want to know much yarn you have there? All you need is an 18" piece of cardboard. Wind the yarn around the cardboard, count the number of strands on the board, and that number is the amount of yarn you have in yards.


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