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Tube Top Binding Off and Finishing

This tube top requires a tubular bind-off to match the cast-on at the top.

Tubular cast-off.

The tubular bind-off uses a blunt-tipped needle and a piece of yarn that's four times as long as the width of your finished tube top. Or you may use a regular bind-off if you wish.


1. Working from the MC side, with the threaded needle, pick up stitch #1 and stitch #3 (the first two MC stitches), skipping over stitch #2 (the first CC stitch) (figure A). Pull the yarn through both stitches, but not too tightly.

2. With the point of the needle, slide stitch #1 off the end of the knitting needle.

3. From the CC side, go in and pick up stitches #2 and #4, pulling the yarn through as before.

4. Slide #2 off the knitting needle.

5. On the MC side, pick up stitches #3 (again) and #5 and repeat the process.

Remember: Pick up every other stitch and then drop the first one off the knitting needle, then go to the other side and repeat, until you've finished binding off the width of the garment.

If you prefer a different bind-off:
K2tog, *k2tog, slip first stitch over second stitch and remove from needle. Repeat from * across row to last st. Pull tail of yarn through last st. **

1. Sew side seams. Run elastic through top edges of garment. Adjust to fit and cut. Secure ends. Repeat for bottom of garment. Hide all ends.

I-Cord Straps (optional)
1. Using double-pointed needles and MC, CO 4 sts. *K4 and slip sts to opposite end of needle. Repeat from * until work measures desired length (approximately 16").


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