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Shrug It Off

Fayla Reiss introduces her simple-to-knit (and fun-to-wear) shrug, a short jacket made from a single rectangle. Add a contrasting collar (also a single rectangle), and you can say goodbye to the shivers for good.

8 balls Trendsetter Blossom #106
4 balls Trendsetter Joy #123 (Sage)
US size 9 and 10-1/2 knitting needles (one pair each)
yarn needle

Knit-O-Meter Rating: Beginner.

Note: Remember that many yarns are seasonal and could be discontinued. If the specific yarn called for is not available, purchase a substitution yarn that comes closest to the specified gauge in your pattern. And be sure to make that all-important swatch to see whether the yarn works for your particular pattern.

Piece should measure approximately 16" at widest part and 39" in length. The beauty of knitting these rectangles is that if you're off an inch or so, no problem. These instructions are for small to medium sizes; for larger size, add 10 stitches and 2" to the length.

Note: This garment can be knit in stockinette or garter stitch; we used stockinette for the body and garter for the collar.

With size 9 needle, cast on 52 stitches in Blossom and work in stockinette for 8". Change to size 10-1/2 needles and work in stockinette for an additional 23".
Change back to size 9 needles and work an additional 8".
Piece should measure 39".
Bind off loosely.

With size 9 needle and 2 strands of Joy, cast on 15 stitches. Knit in garter stitch for 25". Bind off loosely.

Fold piece in half lengthwise. Sew each side up 8", forming the sleeves of the shrug. Fold the entire shrug in half and place a safety pin in the center of the opening: this is where you will center the collar.

Collar Finishing
Fold collar in half and mark center with a safety pin. Line up center opening of shrug to the center of the collar, pin and sew, easing collar across to seam on both sides.

Pattern ©2004 Fayla Reiss.


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