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Kente Cloth Card Holder

These are a great way to display all the wonderful cards you recieve during the holiday season.


1/4 yard African Kente cloth
two 12" pieces of ribbon
matching thread
hot glue gun
jewelry clips
8 shells


1. From selvedge to selvedge, cut a seven-inch-wide strip according to the pattern of the fabric. With right sides together, sew a tube with a half inch seam allowance, leaving seven inches open at the center.

2. Sew ends closed at angles which are three inches from the very end. Turn inside out and press. Hand-stitch the opening closed (figure A).

3. Tie ribbons around the strip six inches from each end. Glue shells to the tops of the clips.
4. Attach the clips approximately two inches apart from each other along the center of the strip.
5. Hang strip either lengthwise or up and down with a tack or cup hook from the tied ribbon. Add cards as they arrive in the mail!

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