Neapolitan Home Office

A plain vanilla home office is transformed into a Neapolitan treat with cool accessories.

Before: Plain Vanilla

Aspiring fashion designer Kamilah Evans loves her colorful condo in Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood. She has a ton of energy, and you can see it in her home decorating. But when it comes to her home office, the white walls and cluttered desk make this fashionista's room not so cool. Designer Brice Cooper and design coordinators Kelly Edwards and Ali Azhar come up with a plan to turn Kamilah's love of pinks and chocolate browns into an ice cream-inspired room.

Kamilah loves anything bright, imaginative and creative, and her vibrant style lights up every room except one: her home office. It's a small, cozy room with white walls and hardwood floors. There's a plain white paper windowshade, and only one overhead light. Kamilah needs better organization so that the clutter won't distract her while she works.

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