Modern, Cozy Loft

An industrial-styled apartment is transformed with earthy colors and soft textures.

After: Stunning Views

A custom glass-top bar is built on an elevated platform in front of the huge bay window overlooking the Georgetown Cathedral and the dramatic draperies enhance, but don't block, the view. Above the fireplace is the new AV wall, which houses a plasma television and stereo equipment.

Makeover Information
original art sculpture for staircase wall (Artist: Dennis Carney) - Phoenix Art Group, Inc.
Asian ceramic pot - Ancient Rhythms
glass cocktail
(Dresden); console tables (Ediface) - Kolkka Furniture
(Clay 2172-10, Terrapin Green 2145-20, Otter Brown 2137-10) - Benjamin Moore
shag area rug
(two-tone wool, #129) - Foundation
sofa pillow fabric
(Ardecora, Pattern: Largo #5085-306); barstool seat fabric (Glant, Pattern: Jazz In Caberet #8530-02) - Hines Showroom
lounge chair fabric
(ZAX, Pattern: Makishi in Safari) - Holly Hunt Showroom
drapery fabric
(Score in Taupe & Copper) - Samelson Charles Inc.
lighting - Maurice Electrical Supply Co.
audio visual unit, custom bar - Stohlman Tanzi Woodworks


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