Holiday Tips: Preparing for Your Guests

Gifts and guests go together -- make a special space for them and don't forget to personalize your gifts. Includes ideas and step-by-step instructions.

Tin Gift Tags

Personalize all your holiday gifts with tin tags you can design yourself.


silver tooling foil
embossing stylus or cuticle tool
gift tag
craft foam
hole punch


1. Place tooling foil on craft foam, and then trace the shape of the tag onto the foil. Cut it out and punch a hole at the top (skip this if making place cards).
2. Use a straightedge and stylus to outline the tooling foil tag around the edges. Flip foil tag over and repeat inside of first line. Repeat this process to make a border design.
3. Use the stylus to create the desired designs, write names or stipple small dots onto the surface.
4. Tie ribbon to the tag through the hole at the top and hang as an ornament, attach to gifts or use as place cards.

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