Suburban Beach Bungalow

What do pebbles, driftwood and an old wine bottle have to do with decorating? Watch as the colors and textures of a beach bungalow bring cohesive style to this living room remix.

  • The large pieces of furniture in this living room are competing with each other, and the space is left without a focal point.
  • The new color palette and beach theme give the living room the cohesive style it was lacking before.
  • This uninteresting entertainment center is drawing more attention to itself than it deserves.
  • Scrap wood helps turn this entertainment center into a unique piece of furniture.
  • The living room's new tables are made from inexpensive concrete and pebble pavers.
  • A colorful floral print from the homeowners' anniversary trip to Hawaii is now a primary focal point in the room.
  • This beach-inspired lamp has a secret message inside. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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