Trading City for Suburbs

Our team of experts makes a high-rise city condo hip and trendy to appeal to first-time home buyers.

Newlywed Home

Newlyweds Katie and Eric Stuiber moved into Eric's place after the honeymoon. For the past six months they've been trying to sell Katie's one-bedroom condo. They thought that selling her place would be a breeze since it's located in a popular Chicago neighborhood. But after six months on the market and paying double mortgages, the homeowners are panicking.

Real estate expert Bethany Souza assesses the home and determines that it looks like a bad rental. She explains how a high-rise condo in a hip and trendy part of the city is going to appeal to first-time home buyers who are trying to get away from rentals, so you don't want what you're selling to look like a rental. The trick to selling this home — make it cool and chic to appeal to a young, urban crowd.

Designer Monica Pedersen agrees with Souza's assessment and lays out a plan for the Designed to Sell team to follow.

Step 1: Change the layout to sell the place. Better define the living and dining areas by moving the dining room back to its original space near the kitchen, and place the living area near the gorgeous window.

Step 2: Paint the accent wall in the living room and showcase the beautiful view from the window.

Step 3: Get rid of the electric-blue wall color in the bathroom. Bathrooms help make money when selling a home, so the team needs to play up the positive to add appeal in this room.

Carpenters Chad Lopez and Robert North are called in to facilitate the plan.

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