Unique and Untraditional Small Spaces

Unique storage solutions and untraditional design approaches make four small spaces seem much grander.

  • The recessed area is painted sky blue to echo the view out the real window, but this virtual window shows off artwork and art glass.
  • The wall planks can be closed for privacy, but when open they allow light to flow through.
  • To maximize the perception of space in the bedroom, they made the walls lighter and placed stark white tiles on the floor.
  • They also added an over-sink cutting board, and many utensil are hung on the wall within reach.
  • A 20-foot sofa runs the length of the apartment and can sleep three guests—if they don't mind lying head to toe.
  • The dining area is small but can expand for a dinner party.
  • The glass is strong enough to hold 250 people — not that 250 people could fit in the small space!
  • Light pours in from north- and south-facing windows, giving the living, dining and kitchen combo a spacious and airy feel.
  • A large storage cube sandwiched between the first and second floors houses the water tank and heater—and extra storage.
  • The 14-foot-high ceilings allow the owner to work with long pieces of lumber.


    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website: www.libbylangdon.com
    • Jacob Ward, Managing Editor, Readymade Magazine Website: www.readymademag.com
    • Alissa Walker
      Design Writer
      Website: www.gelatobaby.com
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