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Dried Fruit Orange Necklace

Dara Brown dries orange slices with silica gel to create her fruity necklace.

Materials and Tools:

fresh orange
sharp kitchen knife
cutting board
silica gel
iridescent glitter
glitter glue
tiny paintbrushes
two-part resin
heavy plastic sheet
button with a shank
epoxy glue
purchased wire neck ring
disposable aluminum baking pan
plastic cups
stir stick


1. Cut an orange into 1/4-inch slices.

2. Spread silica gel on a baking pan. Place the orange slices on the silica gel, leaving space in between the slices.

3. Completely cover each slice with more silica gel.

4. Place the pan in a 250-degree pre-heated oven for 6-8 hours or until dry.

5. Remove the slices from the silica gel, dust them off, allow them to cool, and choose the best slice for your necklace.

6. Apply glitter glue and iridescent glitter to both sides of the orange slice with a small brush.

7. Place the slice on a heavy plastic sheet.

8. Mix two-part resin according to manufacturer's directions and gently pour it over the orange slice.

9. Allow the resin to harden overnight.

10. Peel the orange slice off the sheet and trim away excess resin with scissors.

11. Mix epoxy and glue a button face down on the back of the orange slice. Allow it to dry completely.

12. Slide a purchased wire neck ring through the shank of the button. Enjoy your dried fruit orange necklace.

Dried Fruit Orange Necklace by Dara Brown from Baltimore, Md.


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