Modern Zen-Inspired Bathroom

Host Kenneth Brown creates a modern Zen-inspired master bathroom.

After: Calm, Spacious Sanctuary

Homeowners Jessica and Greg moved into their new condo over a year ago, and they've enjoyed decorating it in a clean, modern style. But when it comes to their master bathroom, they decided to call in a professional. The room is cramped and there are a lot of things they don't like — the tub is obtrusive, the shower is dark and enclosed, the wall mirror is too big, the vanity is too short, and the fluorescent lights are ugly. They're dreaming of a calm, contemporary retreat with plenty of elbow room and lots of style.

This gorgeous Zen-like room no longer promotes claustrophobia. By raising the ceiling, using a furniture-style vanity with legs and running stone from the floors up the walls, this room feels so much more spacious. The subtle textures, soft lighting and organic, nature-inspired color palette all work together to create an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

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