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Heirloom Holiday Card

With simple techniques and basic supplies, you can showcase a family heirloom while creating a new family tradition of making handmade cards for family and friends.

Family heirlooms passed down through the generations remind us of entertaining stories and fond memories. This year create a new tradition by showcasing a beloved family treasure in your holiday photo cards. Use the same item, such as Grammy’s plaid teddy bear, every year in your holiday family photo. Years down the road, combine the photos to create a collage to showcase the ever-changing family faces along with your treasured heirloom.

Materials and Tools:

8-1/2" x 11" green card stock
8-1/2" x 11" red card stock
red velvet ribbon
plaid ribbon
gold metallic pen
paper cutter


1. Using a paper cutter, trim green cardstock down to 4" x 11".

2. Fold green cardstock into thirds with the inside measurement being 5" and the two outside flaps being 3" each, this will form the shape of your card.

3. Trim red card stock into three pieces: 3-1/2" x 4-1/2", 1" x 3", and 4-5/16" x 5/8".

4. Trim photo and attach to largest piece of red card stock with glue. When trimming photo, trim small enough to allow for a border of red to show behind photo.

5. Using a gold metallic pen, write your holiday message and name on the 2 small strips of red paper. Glue one onto each of the interior flaps of the card.

6. Cut an 11" length of red velvet ribbon. Flip the card over. Center and glue red velvet ribbon across the length of the card's back.

7. Next, cut a 30" length of plaid ribbon. Layer the plaid ribbon on top of the velvet ribbon. Glue down only on the center portion of the card's back, leave the 2 side flaps without plaid ribbon.

8. Finish your card by closing the card and tying a bow with the plaid ribbon.

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