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Glass Pattern Bar Jewelry Box

Narriman Elkins shares her process for designing a fused glass pattern bar insert for a jewelry box.

Narriman Elkins has a glass collection comprised of her own fused glass creations, from decorative vessels and vases, to functional sushi plates, jewelry boxes and wine stoppers.

Materials and Tools:

pot melt:
- flowerpot and flowerpot saucer
- kiln, kiln stilts and kiln wash
- stack of glass - white, clear, blue
- thin fire paper
spring green glass
black glass
jewelry box
dark stain
orange oil
tile mold
adhesive bond
tile saw (wet saw)
glass grinder
paper towels
soft towel
glasscutter and glass pliers
foam paintbrush
latex gloves
facemask, high temperature gloves, protective eyewear, face shield*
fire extinguisher and plenty of water
*Wear protective gear when working with kilns and glass.


1. Pot melt:

  • Wear latex gloves to clean the clear, white and blue glass pieces.
  • Score the glass pieces to fit into the flowerpot with a glasscutter.
  • Break the glass into strips with pliers.
  • Fill the clay flowerpot with the glass strips placed vertically into the pot.

2. Place the pot of glass on stilts in the kiln over a flowerpot saucer. Fire the kiln for approximately 9-1/2 hours to form the blue marbled pot melt.

3. Remove the glass from the kiln. The glass will have melted through the hole in the flowerpot into the saucer creating the blue marble pot melt.

4. Cut two 1" x 5" slices of the blue marbled pot melt with a wet saw.

5. Cut two 6" x 6" pieces of spring green glass.

  • Cut the two pieces into sections to accommodate the inset of the slices of blue pot melt tile.
  • The piece above the tile inset will measure about an inch.
  • The piece to the left of the inset will measure about an inch.

6. The green glass piece to the right of the inset will measure about 4-inches.

7. Assemble the green glass and blue pot melt pieces to create a 6" x 6" tile. Cut narrow pieces of black glass to border the blue inset piece.

8. Place the assembled glass bars on thin fire paper in the kiln and block the tile in a mold. Fire the tile for approximately six hours.

9. Check the finished tile for rough edges and fit for the jewelry box. Use the glass grinder with 600- 800-grit bit and grind the edges of the tile for a smooth fit into the jewelry box.

10. Stain the jewelry box lid with dark stain and a foam brush. Set the box aside and let it dry thoroughly.

11. Apply a little orange oil to the jewelry box with a soft cloth to nourish the wood.

12. Apply adhesive bond to the back of the tile and the jewelry box lid. Press the glass pattern bar tile firmly into the top of the jewelry box. Let dry.

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