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Stained Glass Jar Wall Pocket

Hang this stained glass jar wall pocket in your window.

Materials and Tools:

graph paper
black permanent marker
any size glass-canning jar
brick saw
assortment of stained glass
various sizes glass globs (cabochon-shaped)
glasscutter, glass grinder, breaking pliers, grozing pliers
7/32 copper foil
60/40 solder and soldering iron
jump rings
20-gauge wire
terry cloth towels and paper towels
wet saw
ring saw
leather gloves, safety glasses and face shield
warm soapy water
lazy Susan
2, 2" x 4" scraps of wood

Figure A


1. Cut a canning jar vertically in half using a wet saw (figure A). Wear a safety face shield.

Figure B

2. Trace around the outside of the jar on graph paper (figure B) and set the jar aside.

Figure C

3. Draw the stained glass design for the back panel of the jar inside the traced jar outline (figure C).

Figure D

4. Choose the desired stained glass. Place the glass pieces on top of the paper design and trace the shapes using a permanent marker (figure D).

5. Score the glass on the marks. Break the glass on the scored lines using glass pliers.

Figure E

6. Grind any rough edges of the stained glass on a glass grinder (figure E).

7. Cut additional details in the stained glass using a ring saw. Wear safety glasses.

Figure F

8. Foil all the stained glass pieces and the cut edge of the canning jar with copper foil. Burnish the edges of the foil with a fid (figure F).

Figure G

9. Lay out the foiled stained glass pieces on the paper design and make sure the jar lines up around the edges and on top of the stained glass design (figure G). Hold the glass pieces in place with push pins around the perimeter.

10. Flux around the foiled edge of the jar (inside and outside) and the stained glass design.

Figure H

11. Run solder around the front and back seams of the stained glass design (figure H). Remove the pushpins. Solder the cabochon glass pieces in place on top of the design.

Figure J

12. Wearing leather gloves, lay the jar on top of the design and tack solder the jar in place (figure J).

13. Let the piece cool and inspect it for any misalignment.

Figure K

14. Solder the jar to the stained glass panel to form the pocket:

  • Place two scrap pieces of 2" x 4" wood on top of a lazy Susan.
  • Place a terry cloth towel over the wood and lay the stained glass piece on its side (figure K).
  • Solder the seam around the jar to the stained glass panel until the solder is solid.

15. Let the jar wall pocket piece cool. Wash the stained glass pocket in warm soapy water.

16. Flux and solder two jump rings to the stained glass jar wall pocket and attach a piece of twisted 20-gauge wire to the jump rings for a handle.

17. Clean and polish the stained glass jar wall pocket.

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