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Fused Glass Tribal Face Nightlight

Kate Gadd cuts glass tiles into a variety of shapes and fuses them together to create her tribal face nightlight.

Kate Gadd is an energetic young artist who loves working with glass. A few years ago, she took a stained glass class and loved it so much that she now teaches the class.

Materials and Tools:

glasscutter, running pliers and tile nips
white craft glue
compatible fusible glass in various colors
compatible fusible clear glass
glass rods in various colors compatible with fusible glass
compatible glass stringer
kiln, fiber paper or kiln wash for shelf
nightlight switch and 4-watt bulb
brass nightlight clip
glass-metal glue
wet cloth and lint-free cloth

Steps 1-3


1. Cut a 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" rectangle out of clear glass. This is called the blank and functions as the clear background plate for the nightlight.

2. Clean the blank plate with a wet cloth and dry with a lint-free cloth.

3. Cut a small rectangle shape for the head out of gold glass with one end wider than the other. Clean and dry the glass. Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of glue to the back of the head (gold rectangle glass) and put it in place on the blank glass nightlight plate.

Step 4

4. Hair: Cut small lengths of light blue glass for the hair, clean, dry and glue into place.

Steps 5-6

5. Cut smaller lengths of dark blue glass for the second layer of hair. Clean, dry and glue on top of the light blue layer.

6. Forehead decoration: Cut a small square to embellish the middle of the forehead. Clean, dry and glue this small square onto the middle of the forehead. Glue one slice into place on the small square on the forehead. Top this slice with a second slice.

Step 7

7. Eyes: Cut a small square for the first level of the eye and a smaller square of a different color for the second level of the eye. Clean, dry and glue them into place, placing first the larger square, then topping it with the smaller square.

Steps 8-11

8. Repeat this process for the other eye using different glass colors.

9. Cut two slices from a glass rod with tile nips.

10. Using the tweezers, glue the slices into place as the top level of each eye.

11. Cut two slices of glass, each from a different color of rod with tile nips.

Step 12

12. Cheeks: Cut four pieces of a different color of stringer to length and glue on as cheeks in parallel lines slanted downward.

Steps 13-17

13. Mouth: Cut a long curved length of glass for the mouth. Clean, dry, and glue into place.

14. Cut a stringer to length and glue on the center of the mouth.

15. Nightlight plate embellishment: Cut slices of various colors of rods with tile nips. Place each slice using the tweezers in a line along the bottom of the blank, under the face to decorate the clear glass plate. Let the glue dry for 15-20 minutes.

16. Fusing:

  • Place the glass in the kiln, slowing raising the temperature over 2-hours until it reaches 1450-degrees.
  • Let the glass soak at this temperature for 5-minutes.
  • Over the next 45-minutes, lower the temperature in the kiln to 960-degrees and let the glass soak for 25-minutes.
  • Then let the kiln slowly cool to room temperature over the next 5-hours.

17. Remove the glass and clean and dry thoroughly.

Step 18

18. Apply a small amount of glass-metal glue to a brass nightlight clip. Place it on the back of the nightlight, toward the bottom edge, making sure to center it between the sides. Let dry for 72 hours.

Step 19

19. Attach the nightlight clip, screw in the bulb, and switch on your fused glass tribal face nightlight.

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