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Mosaic Sun Catcher

Laura Kennedy Aiken constructs a contemporary mosaic sun catcher with fused glass and beads.

Laura Aiken taught herself how to create mosaics, which then led to fused glass.

Materials and Tools:

glass grinder
clear glass sheet
various colors of stained glass
dichroic glass
fused glass
vitreous glass
wheeled tile cutters
glass runners
graph paper
clear waterproof silicone adhesive
craft sticks
two-part resin pour-on high gloss finish
plastic cups
craft knife
window cleaner
graph paper
black marker
painter's blue tape
brown craft paper
mosaic glass mounting grid
spray bottle with water
cleaning brush
drinking straw
suede lace
soft clean cloth
cardboard box


1. Draw the mosaic circle design and border on graph paper.

2. Cut a clear glass piece the outer dimensions of the sun catcher design with glasscutters and glass pliers.

3. Grind the edges of the glass smooth on a glass-grinding machine. Mark two areas for holes at the top of the glass for hanging.

4. Drill the holes with a glass grinder. Wear safety equipment for this step.

5. Wash the glass with glass cleaner and dry with a soft cloth.

6. Tape the sun catcher drawing under the clear glass sheet with painter's blue tape.

7. Use a mosaic glass-mounting grid for the border template.

  • Place the small square mosaic tiles in a row on the grid.
  • Cut a strip of brown craft paper the width and length of the tiles.
  • Spread white glue on the craft paper strip and adhere it to the mosaic tiles on the grid. Let dry.
  • Repeat the process to create strips for the entire border.

8. Adhere the border strips to the clear glass sheet with waterproof silicone adhesive; mosaic glass side down and craft paper side up.

9. Cut various colors of glass into different shapes such as squares and triangles.

10. Cut small dichroic pieces and mix them with various colored transparent glass.

11. Adhere the shapes of cut glass to the circle design. Add various colors of transparent beads, pebbles and transparent millefiore.

12. Let the glass mosaic sun catcher dry for 24 hours for the best results.

13. Spray the brown craft paper with water and scrape it off the border tiles with the flat blade of a craft knife. Brush the scraps of brown paper off the tiles.

14. Mix the two-part resin in a plastic cup using a craft stick. Place the mosaic sun catcher glass mosaic piece on top of plastic cups in a cardboard box and pour the resin over the surface of the mosaic. Remove bubbles by blowing through a drinking straw over the surface.

15. Let dry for 24 hours.

16. Tie suede lace through the drilled holes at the top of the mosaic sun catcher, knotting each end.


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