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Cowboy-Slider Scrapbooking Page

Did you ever think a cowboy and his horse could "gallop" across your next scrapbook page? Guest Jennifer O'Byrne creates the effect of a scrapbooking "trail".


western themed paper and embellishments
scraps of photos
border stencil

Figure A

  1. Chalk a border onto the page with a border stencil.

Figure B

  • Cut two parallel lines through the stencil about 1/4" apart.

  • Using scrap photo, cut a 1/2" x 1/4" piece and adhere to a 12" piece of ribbon creating a cross.

  • Figure C

  • Flip the border over and insert tab inside of the parallel cuts. The ribbon should lay parallel to the stencil.

  • Flip the border back over. You should see the tab sticking through the cuts.

  • Place a small amount of glue on each end of the tab, and then place the cut out of the horse and cowboy on the tab.

  • Figure D

  • Glue the border to the page. Be sure to not place glue near the sliding element.

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