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Handmade Mini Handbag Album

Carry this mini pocket album with you in your handbag. Follow these instructions by guest Alanna George.

Take your memories with you! Alanna George features a cute mini album creation that takes little space, but features lots of photos.


2 sheets 12" x 12" paper
elastic cord
photo corners
mini paper punch
craft knife

  1. Cut a strip of paper from one of the 12" x 12" sheets. The strip should measure 11-1/2" x 3-5/8".

  2. Next, measure and mark the paper every 2-7/16". Accordion-fold paper at each mark. Use shorter panel of folded paper to wrap around the album front.

  3. Place photo corners in the appropriate spot on each panel, making sure a wallet-sized photo will fit into the corners. Tip: Slide a photo corner onto each corner of a wallet photo, then adhere corners and photo to album all at once.

  4. To create a band to fasten the album, first cut a strip from one 12" x 12" sheet. The strip should measure 1/2" x 6-1/4". Wrap the strip around the album. While band is in position, make a small mark on the band where you want the two ends to intersect. At the intersection point, make a small cut from the bottom of one end and a small cut from the top of the other end to allow the ends to hook together. Slip band around outside of album.

  5. Finally, to create the album pocket, cut a rectangle from both 12" x 12" sheets of paper. The rectangles should measure 8" x 7". Adhere "wrong" sides of paper together. Trace album pocket template onto paper and cut out. Score pocket along lines using a craft knife.

  6. Use template to mark holes on your pocket. Punch holes with paper punch. Fold pocket and align holes on the side and front flaps. Thread elastic cord through one set of holes and knot end of cord. Run elastic around to back, through first hole, then second, and back around the front through open holes on side and front flaps. Knot end of elastic cord, allowing enough length for cord to stretch over the front to hold pocket closed. Use adhesive to adhere front flaps to side flaps.

  7. Slide finished album into album pocket, stretch the elastic cord around front to close. Take your pocket album with you wherever you travel!

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