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Documenting Special Teen Activities

Special moments in your teen's life will be remembered for years to come. Guest Paulette Jarvey explains how to create simple pages that will capture and commemorate good times.

Photo boards provide excellent ways to display photos and other keepsakes.

Photo Board


grid paper

  1. Draw a grid on plaid paper for placement of satin ribbon.

Figure A

  • Adhere ribbon to the grid with glue dots (figure A).

  • Figure B

  • Attach brads to the page where the ribbon crosses each other (figure B).

  • Embellish page with cutouts, stickers and cropped photos.

  • Don't let memories of your graduating class fall apart; hold them together with a simple string of fiber.

    Laced Card Stock


    two-toned card stock
    vellum embellishments

    1. Tear off the left side of the two-toned card stock.

    2. Set eyelets down each side of the torn page.

    Figure C

  • Lace the page together through each eyelet using fiber (figure C). Leave a small gap.

  • Add a strip of coordinating cardstock behind the laced gap.

  • Mat photos on torn cardstock.

  • Punch a hole in each mat and thread with fiber.

  • Embellish page with vellum envelopes, cutouts and pockets.

  • Road trips provide many memorable moments. Preserving your trip on paper is as easy as pulling out your road map.

    Road Trip


    road map
    road sign cutouts
    journaling pen

    Figure D

    1. Trim a section of a road map, and then adhere to page (figure D).

  • Cover map with a trimmed sheet of vellum.

  • Place mated photos onto page.

  • Cut out and adhere road sign cutouts on page using foam tape.

  • Figure E

  • Write about each town that you visited during the trip (figure E).

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