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Birthday Party Fold-Out and Memento Pocket

This two-page spread includes a pocket for including birthday party mementos, as well as a fold-out mini-album.

Materials and Tools:

Xyron machine and acid-free adhesive
2 - 12" x 12" background pages
3 coordinating patterned papers
8.5" x 11" translucent vellum
4' of 1/2" sheer ribbon
2 yards metallic braid
Permanent marker
Fine glitter


Pocket Page

  1. Print "Birthday Treasures" on translucent vellum using computer printer or copy machine.

  2. Fold paper in half, then slit fold in 4" on each side.

  3. Measure in on bottom half, 4" from both sides to match slit, then mark, cut, and remove strips.

  4. Add adhesive (run through Xyron or add your own) to the folded, pocket, printed side up; the photo and matting; the die-cuts (run a few using double-sided adhesive).

  5. To the die-cuts on which double-sided adhesive has been applied, sprinkle one side with glitter and shake off excess.

  6. Mount the pocket, picture and die-cuts to background page.

  7. If following this example, and using balloon die-cuts, attach braid to backside of balloon. Leave strings loose, then spot attach with photo and pocket.

  8. Mat photo and center as header 1" from top edge (catch balloon strings under corners).

  9. Center pocket to bottom of page, 2" from edge (pull strings and attach under pocket).

Interactive Birthday Party Fold-Out

  1. From patterned papers, cut ten 4" photo mat squares, a 4-1/2" x 9" cover, a 5" square, 6 balloon die-cuts (or other die-cut motif).

  2. Crop 10 photos to fit within matting (about 3-1/2").

  3. Cut sheer ribbon to 18" and 30" lengths of sheer ribbon.

  4. To assemble the fold-out, fold cover in half to create a 4-1/2" square. Apply adhesive to fold cover, 5" mat, photos and six of the 4" mats. If using Xyron, remove clear mask.

  5. Assemble elements on background page. Add solid mat, centered 1/2" from top.

  6. Next, Center 30" ribbon horizontally, secure with the folded cover, and fold at top.

  7. Center the 18" fold-out ribbon vertically and secure with photo mat.

  8. Complete one square at a time, leaving 1/16" space between mats.

  9. Sandwich ribbon between mat with adhesive and the one without. Repeat technique until you have four double-sided squares held together with ribbon.

  10. Mount 10 photos (top and bottom of cover and both sides of the four fold-out squares).

  11. Mount photo to front of cover (choose photo carefully, as ribbon ties will cross).

  12. Fan fold photo squares into cover and tie ribbon to close.

  13. Add adhesive, then glitter to balloons or other die-cut shape, add braid strings to match first page, then mat and add photos to fill bottom of page and "hold down" balloon strings.

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