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All About Baby: Tips

Keep baby pages up-to-date with these scrapbooking tips.

Tracy White, editor of Creating Keepsakes magazine offers tips for creating simple, but spectacular, baby pages.

Start by scrapbooking the "must-have moments."

In this example, the "must have moment" — a baby walking — is captured with the use of a pocket page.

  1. Cut a piece of vellum to the desired height, fold it accordion style and use brads to adhere three sides of vellum to your background.

  2. Tuck special notes into the pocket and add any other memories.

  3. Assemble the page. Note: Let your photos shine by adhering them to the page with 3-D foam tabs, which add height to the photos.

This "must have moment" — a baby's first days at home — is embellished with hand-stitched accents.

  1. Create a unique photo mat by cutting narrow strips of paper and extending them on one side of the photo.

  2. Mat photos and accents.

  3. Hand-stitch the strips, photo mats and other accents to the layout.

Make scrapbook pages that span time rather than capture every day of baby's life.

In this example, "Autumn," texture adds a seasonal touch to the page (part of the title is printed on fabric).

  1. Tape fabric to cardstock.

  2. After you've typed the title on your computer, run the cardstock through the printer, printing the title on the fabric.

  3. Remove the fabric from the paper and fray the edges to the correct size.

  4. Mat photos and record memories, then assemble the layout. Note: Hillary used safety pins to hang the main photo from a piece of fiber.

Add bi-weekly updates to Grandma's brag book.

  1. Cut out each letter of the alphabet, then find photos that correspond to each letter.

  2. Mat photos and add accents. Hand-stitch a title that corresponds to the photo and letter. Tip: Save time by using die-cut letters and shapes, and printing titles on the printer.

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