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Working with Patterned Vellum

Create many different looks with the vellum variety available to croppers today.

Vellum allows croppers to layer different shades, textures and patterns of paper for a rich look

Christmas Belles

Materials and Tools:

a variety of Christmas-themed paper
patterned vellum with metallic accents
gold pen
metallic gold thread
1/8" Gold ribbon
1/16" Hole punch
foam Mounting Tape


  1. Cut oval window on right side of metallic gold snowflake vellum (or other metallic printed vellum), outline in gold pen. Mat photos on metallic gold, trim metallic gold leaving a 1/16" border.

  2. Mat first photo on of metallic gold/red mesh, trim metallic gold/red mesh leaving about a 1/4" border. Center matted photo under the oval window and glue to background page allowing the metallic gold/red mesh mat to show on the top edge and the right edge of the vellum, leave right bottom corner unglued.

  3. Cut another mat from metallic gold/red mesh -- but don't glue photo to the mat yet. Place mat under right bottom corner of the first photo and under the vellum paper allowing mat to show along the bottom of the vellum paper. Glue photo to the center of the mat on top of the vellum paper.

  4. Cut five squares out of the metallic red/gold mesh, measuring 4 small squares on each side. Cut out eleven smaller squares out of the same paper. Measuring 2 small squares on each side. Glue the larger squares to the background paper as desired. Using foam tape adhere smaller squares to the center of the larger squares, and one on each of the three corners of the photos as shown.

  5. Cut a 3" x 3-1/4" rectangle out of the metallic red/gold mesh. Measure 1/2" in around each side and cut out resulting rectangle, creating a frame. Glue to metallic vellum. Use a gold me to journal in the center.

  6. Cut out two snowflakes from companion snowflake vellum. Punch a 1/16" hole in each one and thread on metallic gold thread, tie one to each end. Allow snowflakes to hang from decorative square as shown. Use a small amount of glue to secure one point of each snowflake to the page.

  7. Attach gold bow to left top corner of the metallic red/gold mesh.

Ladies Day

Today's vellum comes in a vast kaleidoscope of sophisticated patterns and colors — to give your page any look you desire. This stained glass page didn't require complicated design work to achieve the effect — just the use of patterned vellum.

Materials and Tools:

jewel background paper
stained glass patterned vellum
thick black pen
four pink eyelets


  1. Cut a 7" x 12" strip of muted green and mat with black, trim black leaving a small border. Glue 3/4" from the top edge of the blue muted paper.

  2. Computer journal on the lower portion of the stained glass vellum sheet and run through printer before cutting. Cut a rectangle of stained glass vellum that includes top two panels of glass. Use the thick black pen and the edge of a metal ruler to outline the vellum with a black edge. Crop and mat photo on black and glue to center of white vellum as shown.

  3. Mat the photo mat on pink muted paper and again on black. Glue to the center of the green strip of paper.

  4. Crop the journaling into a rectangle and outline the edges with black pen. Secure the lower portion of page with pink eyelets. Cut remaining stained glass into two panels and mat on pink. Glue to each side of the journaling.

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