Colorful and Organized Small Spaces

See how color and organization are key to designing a small space. A Seattle couple gets organized to fit a home office, skylights become the center of attention in a NYC space, a beach condo gets a minimalist makeover, and bold color adds

Dreaming in Black and White

The large floral graphic on the headboard is the focal point of the bedroom. "Supergraphics" are a great alternative to painting or wallpapering a wall, too. They're available online and adhere to a wall in minutes for a dynamic look. Across from the bed is a creative closet solution. With only one small closet in the apartment, they devised a bedroom clothes closet using several discarded mirrors found on the street. They attached the panels with hinges and mounted them in a zigzag formation to the wall, keeping four segments on wheels for easy access. Not only did this solve the closet crunch, but the mirrors really helped expand the room visually.


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